Spiritual Lessons That Are Hard To Learn

At one time or the other, we’ve come across some illustrations in the bible which we cannot really relate with, due to the high level of faith and patience the people involved exerted. Most of these incidents have core themes and spiritual lessons present in them. As Christians on the path towards becoming more Christ-like, we all have spiritual lessons to learn. Using the bible as a road map, below are some of these lessons.

The lesson of total obedience to God’s instructions. This can be seen in the story of Abraham, the great patriarch of the faith. He agreed to offer his son Isaac as a burnt offering to God. This was after he and his wife Sarah had waited so long for the child God promised them, and were already old (Genesis 21:2-5). As of the time Isaac was born, Abraham was already one hundred years old. Abraham’s decision to offer up Isaac his son, as a burnt offering was due to the instruction God gave him(Genesis 22:1-5). According to the Bible, it was a test God gave Abraham to see if he loved his son more than God.

Just as God tested Abraham’s obedience, so he tests every of his child’s obedience, but it was not easy for Abraham, because he had almost killed the child if not for God’s intervention (Genesis 22:12). This implies that obedience is generally not easy, but in the long run, we’ll be glad we obeyed God.

The lesson of uncompromised faith from the story of Daniel, the Hebrew who was in captivity in Babylon. A decree was made by the king according to the law of the Medes and Persians. The decree stated that whosoever petitioned a God or man within thirty days (with the exception of the king) would be thrown into the lion’s den(Daniel 6:12). Daniel knew the full implications of his actions when he kneeled down to pray with his windows wide open for three times every day as was his routine before the law was enacted(Daniel 6:10). It wasn’t long before he was caught by those who initiated the law, and brought before the king.

A judgment was passed on him, to be thrown into the lion’s den despite the king’s effort to deliver him from it. Yet, he stood his ground accepting the judgment, and eventually, when he was thrown into the lion’s den, the lions could not harm him because God delivered him.

Say you’re in Daniel’s position, would you agree to be thrown into the lion’s den for your faith? Daniel took a risky decision and it’s a hard lesson for us because the fear of being thrown into a lion’s den and being eaten up wouldn't be an experience any one would wish on himself or herself. Another thing to consider is the fact that Daniel did not know that he would actually come out of it alive. He just went by faith, and perhaps was even ready to die.

In conclusion, the lesson of total obedience to God from the life of Abraham and the lesson of uncompromised faith from the life of Daniel irrespective of fierce opposition is necessary if we would have an authentic walk with God, and if we would end well like Abraham and Daniel.